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released April 28, 2017

tracked & mixed by squil & KBJ @ Fran's
bass on malcolm by levin
mastered by chuck z @ kennedy studios



all rights reserved


Gift Shop Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Malcolm
Malcolm tries to die again
despite my best intentions
leaking crimson insides through his gills
as he licks ammonia off the corners of his cell
I bite my nails and sneeze and bless myself

and try to sit and think of something else

Malcolm tries to see my face
but only gets reflection
so he’s feeding on fake rocks instead of food
and as he falters forward, knocking over plastic plants
I spill some salt and sigh and curse myself

I can see you when I go to sleep
I can see you when I try to eat
I can understand if you feel sad
I can’t tell if home feels like a trap

I can understand if you don’t know where else to go
I can’t tell which trap feels like a home

I don’t know

do you feel alone too
when the light burns out
when the clear turns to cloud?
Track Name: Percy
my best friend Percy
gives me candy on the bus ride home
and tells me I would look pretty if I sucked in my gut

my best friend Percy
makes me laugh when I feel down
and listens to my stories when no one else is around

my best friend Percy
gives me candy when we get to your house
and gives me some more when I feel too scared to talk

now I don’t worry
when the room fills up with silence
or some unnerving niceness I can’t mock

while muzak drags itself through the restaurant
we surf and laugh with the backlight up
and when it's time to unwind afterwards
we play board games in separate rooms

my best friend Percy
gives me everything I want